Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery and Repeating Failed Courses:

There are three options that students may use to make up lost credit. Two programs are offered at Redford Union High School. After school credit recovery is available during the school year. There are two sessions, one starting in October and one starting in February. Summer school is offered each summer. Registration is the week after school ends and the session begins two weeks after school ends. Both of these will allow a student to earn credit along with a letter grade that will be posted to the transcript. They do not replace the mark the student initially received in the course. Students are able to take two half credit courses per session to make up core classes. Keystone Credit Recovery correspondence courses can also be taken and will earn a student credit on a Pass/ Fail basis. These courses can be taken at any time and require both packet completion and final exam at the high school both at 60% or better to receive credit. Each course through Keystone makes up a full credit. Students must see their counselor to obtain the paper work needed to purchase these courses. These courses are given a eight week deadline to be finished from when they are mailed to the student. If additional time is needed to finish the course, you must contact the student’s counselor. Seniors who are using Keystone to complete graduation requirements with the intention to walk in June must have all courses complete by the first week of May.

Students will be permitted to repeat a failed course one time only within their regular school schedule in place of an elective course, if available. If a student fails the same course a second time, they must complete the course requirement through one of the credit recovery options listed above.