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As part of your professional learning in the district, Redford Union Schools will provide professional development of 30 hours each school year, DPPD. When you attend this PD, maintain a record of the topic, hours and location. Log these details in MOECS and retain the records yourself. We no longer need to log hours into the Wayne RESA site.

When applying for certificate renewal, you DO NOT need to submit transcripts, documents or the DPPD Form to the district, in MOECS, or to the MDE unless it is requested AFTER you apply for certificate renewal. The DPPD Form is NOT required, but CAN be signed by the administrator that was leading the PD and then kept for your records. DO NOT send to the district office for signature, nor submit to HR. Please read the supporting documents from MDE linked here: 

DPPD for New Teachers (first three years): As part of your first three years of teaching in our district, you have the opportunity to receive three additional professional development days per year. This PD will be customized to your needs, and may include workshops, conferences, or online PD. These PD hours may be used toward your certificate renewal. Please contact your school administrator for more information. 

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