Dress Code at Redford Union High School


Redford Union High School has a reasonable dress code to ensure that no one at school will be harassed or distracted from our focus on learning. It is also designed with the safety of students and staff in mind.

The following items are not allowed to be worn in school:


1. Logos that promote drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gangs, or violence.

2. Clothing with profanity or weapons.

3. Clothing with bare midriffs or crop tops.

4. Revealing clothing such as shorts or skirts that are too short.

5. Hats or skull caps (doo-rags) worn inside of school (unless given          permission by admin).

6. Ski masks and neck gaiters are not permitted to be worn in RUHS.     


Protective Masks for COVID-19 Concerns:

N-95 masks are available to all students who request them.


Students will be reminded of the dress code while at school.  Students in violation of the dress code may be sent home in order to change into more school appropriate attire.

We encourage you to have a conversation with your student about the dress code.  Thank you in advance for your support in helping maintain an orderly environment focused on the important business of teaching and learning.



Thank you,


Redford Union High School Administration