Code of Conduct & Fight Policy


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  Redford Union Schools

 Student Code of Conduct


(Includes to and from school, and school-sponsored events)



                  RUHS FIGHT POLICY

A safe environment for all students, staff, and visitors is the first priority at Redford Union High School. Fighting at Redford Union High School and within its jurisdiction will be not condoned.


An abundance of resources are in place at Redford Union High School to assist our students with conflict resolution and other proactive approaches. Our resources include:


  • Dean of Students

  • Behavior Intervention Coordinator

  • 3 Counselors

  • 2 Social Workers

  • Social Emotional Learning Program Coordinator

  • School Resource Officer

  • Restorative Practices (when appropriate)

  • Lincoln Behavioral Services

  • Diversity training for all 9th graders sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League of Michigan

  • OK2Say Hotline School

  • Over 70 staff members that students can approach

Any student responsible for direct participation in a physical fight will be issued a 30-school day suspension from the building and school-sponsored events.


If a student is found responsible by school officials for committing a physical assault, defined by law, that student will be suspended and referred to the Redford Union School District Discipline Review Committee and may face permanent expulsion.