College and Career Advising

Chris Ferrell  

Wayne RESA Career Counselor


  • Work with students who do not know what they want to do after graduation and make an Action Plan!
  • Work with students who know they do not want to attend a 4-year university!
  • Help with applications for apprenticeships, community college, trade schools, and financial aid completion.

PHONE: 734-756-0326         Check out my website          EMAIL:

I welcome student referrals AND CLASSROOM PRESENTATIONS



I worked for Livonia Public Schools for 23 years.  I started my career at Stevenson High School as a Marketing Educator and Co-op Coordinator.  I have over 15 years of School Counseling experience from Frost Middle School and most recently at Franklin High School. 

I currently serve students in Northville, Wyandotte, Plymouth Canton, and Redford Union.


  • Technology will replace jobs BUT offer new opportunities
  • Creation of new jobs= continuous training and skills development
  • Freelance and independent workers
  • Robots are our friends
  • Soft skills, EI and the arts will not be replaced


Deja Clemons

MCAN College Advisor

Join Ms. Clemons Google Classroom titled "Panthers Go to College." This is a place to house information and resources for students as they prepare for college/their next steps post-graduation.  

There are two sections of this "class" which students can join using the following codes based on their grade level:

9th-11th grade - siudgcy

12th grade - ds7ie7u

Phone: 313-242-4303  Email: