Redford Union Virtual Learning (RUVL)



Virtual Learning is Redford Union School District's Innovative Program that is open to students from Wayne County for grades 6-12, and up to age 20 years old.  We have flexible learning hours and a supportive "Learning Lab" environment for students who want to come to the building for additional support. We are a learner-centered, student focused school that offers: 

  • Virtual Learning with 2 required contacts with the teacher per week
  • Flexible Lab Hours during the week for students who work
  • 6 Options for Communication: 1) In person  2) Email  3) Phone 4) Zoom 5) FaceTime 6) Texting
  • Opportunity for accelerated credit or credit recovery options
  • High School Graduates receive a Redford Union School District Diploma

Please feel free to email us or leave us a voicemail and we will return your call or email as soon as possible.


 Teacher  Cell Number  Office Number
 Mr. Sloma (Coordinator)  567-309-0935  313-242-4277
 Ms. V.  567-200-2035  313-242-4279