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Return to Learning Planning - Beech Elementary


Thank you for choosing to send your child to Redford Union Schools! We know these past months have been challenging to say the very least. We appreciate your trust in us to provide educational alternatives for your child.

As plans continue to evolve for an in-person hybrid opportunity and a continuation of virtual learning, please continue to check the district website for updates. Information shared on the district website will also be shared via the Beech School Remind messaging system.



Mission Statement

We, the staff of Beech Elementary School, will provide the opportunity for all children to learn to their greatest potential. Life skills will be developed and enhanced through positive and cooperative efforts of students, parents and educators. We are committed to the maintenance of open and continuing communication. By ensuring a healthy and safe environment, conducive to learning, we will maximize the growth and development of each individual.

Upcoming Events at Beech....



Chromebook &  Hot Spot Pick-Up

Chromebook Drop Off 2021 information

5th Grade Promotion Ceremony & Celebration

Look for information from Teachers and Remind being sent home about upcoming events, forms, and deadlines.

5th Grade Promotion 2021

PBIS May Talent Show

May PBIS Talent Show information

PBIS April Movie Month

PBIS April Movie Month



Beech Elementary School State Mandated Testing On-Site

The Michigan Department of Education requires that all schools implement the MStep state summative assessment for the 2020-2021 school year. The MStep test requires that all students in grades 3 - 5 test in the building with a designated school computer. Information has been sent out via Remind messaging.  For more information, please contact the school.                         


March is READING Month!

Oh the Places You'll Go!


PBIS February Valentine's Dance Party


PBIS Valentine's Dance Party

PBIS January Family Engagement Activity


For our PBIS Family engagement activity this month, we will be making snowflakes from recycled materials you have at home. Directions are included in your child's curriculum packet and a video for instructions will be available on your child's Google Classroom stream. All you will need are; cardboard tubes from a paper towel roll or from several toilet paper rolls, glue, scissors, and string. Make this a family event. Each person can create their own unique snowflake, as no two snowflakes are alike.

Sign Up for Remind for the 2020-2021 School Year

2nd grade - Type the message @k73kb6 to the number 81010.

3rd grade - Type the message @h48e78 to the number 81010.

4th grade - Type the message @agg732b to the number 81010.

5th grade - Type the message @ehhb9g to the number 81010.

Please sign up for Remind for communications from the Principal, Mrs. Clinkscale, on upcoming important information. There is no need to join all four grades.  You only need to join the grade your child (children) is currently enrolled.  Every grade will receive the same communications unless it is grade specific.

If you are a returning family- you DO NOT need to sign up as your information was  moved up to the next grade level. 





  • Please Sign up For Remind for Important Weekly Updates from your Student's Principal



AS A REMINDER for the 2020- 2021 School Year...

Please remember to sign up for Remind and check the Redford Union District Page for  upcoming important information.


Art made by Beech Staff Members: Mrs. Glenn 

Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events
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Remember the 7 Habits:

  • Be PROACTIVE!    (You are in charge!) 
  • Begin with the End in Mind   (Have a plan)
  • Put First Things First  (Work first, Then play!)
  • Think Win-Win   (Everyone can WIN!)
  • Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood  (Listen before you talk!)
  • Synergize   (Together is better!)
  • Sharpen the Saw   (Balance feels best!)   


Robo Calls:

Attention Beech Parents:  Beech utilizes an automated Robo Call system to distribute pertinent information.  These calls will update you on important dates, events, and/or half days.  Please make sure the front office has an updated phone number so that you receive our calls!

​Beech Elementary Student Pledge:


Today I will do my best to be my best,

​I will practice responsibility, 

​I will always be safe,

I will be respectful​,

and I will show my Panther Pride! 

State Representative- Mary Cavanagh, visiting Beech Elementary  April 2021 

State Representative, Mary CavanaghState Representative, Mary Cavanagh, presenting to Mrs. Lynn Meek, a tribute honoring her hard work and dedication teaching through the pandemic. Congratulations, Mrs. Meekl! 

 (pictured left to right: Koren Clinkscale, Lynn Meek, and Mary Cavanagh)

Barrington Irvin and STEM 2018-19

Contact Us

Beech Elementary 
19990 Beech Daly Road
Redford MI 48240

Grades 2-5

Main Office 313.242.6100
Fax 313.242.6105
Attendance 313.242.6110


Mrs. Koren Clinkscale 

Principal - 313-242-6101 

To Reach the Beech Main Office Staff,

Please Contact:

Mrs. Pamela Thompson - Secretary

  • 313-242-6111  Main Office   
  • 734-655-0514 Google Phone #

Ms. Erika Dunn  - Secretary

  • 313-242-6102  Main Office     
  • 734-494-0302  Google Phone #


2020-2021 School Year 
   Office Hours 

 Monday- Friday   8am- 3pm