About the Redford Union Schools Oral Program

About the Redford Union Schools Oral Program

Who We Are

The Redford Union Program for the Hearing Impaired is a public school program for students with hearing losses in western Wayne County, Michigan. The philosophy of the program is Auditory-Oral, stressing full use of residual hearing in developing spoken English skills.

Who Do We Serve

The population served by a hearing impaired program is defined by state law (Revised Administrative Rules) to include students with any degree of hearing loss, including fluctuating hearing loss, that adversely affects educational performance. To qualify for HI services, or to be re-certified, the following are required by state law:

  1. A recent (less than one-year-old) report from an ear-nose-throat (ENT) doctor;
  2. A recent report from an audiologist;
  3. Assessment by local district or RUOPHI staff verifying educational impact.

Some students with normal hearing may qualify for HI services if they have a history of fluctuating loss (ear infections) as supported by the ENT report, and proof of educational impact. Students whose poor performance on listening tasks is associated with learning disabilities, central processing disorders, attention deficit, autism or limited intellectual capacity are not hearing impaired under the state definition.

Where do We Serve

The Redford Union Oral Program for children with Hearing Impairments serves residents of twelve school districts in western Wayne County: Redford Union, South Redford, Romulus, Inkster, Westwood, Crestwood, Wayne-Westland, Garden City, Livonia, Van Buren, Plymouth-Canton and Northville schools. Two service models are offered:

Outreach Program

Students attending their neighborhood schools receive services of a teacher-consultant for the hearing impaired (TCHI) as well as audiologic and equipment support. Other support services may be provided by the resident district. Students attending other specialized programs who have hearing impairment as a secondary disability also receive teacher-consultant, audiology and equipment support. There are 230 outreach students across the 12 districts.

Basic Classroom Program

Students needing more intensive work on auditory, speech and language skills are bused to a center program in Redford. The program has classrooms in five buildings, from preschools to high school. Students share nonacademic and academic activities as appropriate with hearing peers. Intensive individual and group instruction in audition, speech and English language is provided by teachers of the hearing impaired. Support services include audiology, speech-language pathology, social work and psychology. Personal/classroom amplifications is required. There are over 75 center students at present.