Counseling and Social Work Office

Welcome to the 2015-2016 School Year! 


Student Connect 

Students can access their schedules and grades using the pin and passwords assigned to them in the Spring.  Students can access the log-in through the following link:  (If you have forgotten or misplaced your log-in information, go to the log-in link and Student Connect can e-mail the information to you).

To see grades in each class, log-in first, click on "Assignments" then click on "Show All Assignments". 


Parent Connect

Parents can access their student's schedule, attendance, grades, and more through Parent Connect.  The link for logging-in is below.  Pin and passwords remain the same from year to year.  If you are new to the district, you can apply for this info. by printing off the on-line form under "School Forms" on the district web-site and turning it in to the main office.

 Parent Portal


Career Cruising

 Please watch the Course Planner Instructional Video to help you schedule your classes through Career Cruising.  (This is ONLY for 8th graders to use for high school planning)

Students can log-in directly to their EDPs by clicking on the Career Cruising button.  



Within the students' EDPs, they can access all of the features on Career Cruising. 





Contact Information

Attendance Hotline:

Wendy Russell

e-mail :
Phone 313.242.4019

Jennifer Holmes

School Social Worker