Staff Directory

Director of Student Services

Name Position Phone
Carol LaPointe Director of Student Services 313-242-3501

District 504 Coordinator

Name Position Phone
Carol LaPointe District 504 Coordinator 313-242-3501

Hearing Impaired Coordinator

Name Position Phone
Larry Digon Hearing Impaired Coordinator 313-242-3510

Hearing Impaired Audiologist

Name Position Phone
Mary Jo Burtka Hearing Impaired Audiologist 313-242-3554
Mary Kaye Deegan Hearing Impaired Audiologist 313-242-3553

HI Teacher Consultant

Name Position Phone
Jan Bolinger HI Teacher Consultant 313-242-3526
Joan Mollon HI Teacher Consultant 313-242-6326
Janice Pohl HI Teacher Consultant 313-242-3527
Jan Roemer HI Teacher Consultant 313-242-3528
Jennifer Rotenheber HI Teacher Consultant 313-242-6345
Debra Zivian HI Teacher Consultant 313-242-3551


Name Position Phone
Sandra Adams Psychologist 313-242-3520

Occupational Therapist

Name Position Phone
Kara Page Occupational Therapist 313-242-3510

Student Services Secretary

Name Position Phone
Marie Gazley Student Services Secretary 313-242-3512

Hearing Impaired Technician

Name Position Phone
Christopher Abston Hearing Impaired Technician 313-242-3537


Name Position Phone
Becky Skikiewicz Secretary 313-242-6102

Speech Therapist

Name Position Phone
Kathleen Yadach Speech Therapist 313-242-3800


Name Position Phone
Julie Touchberry Teacher 313-242-6325

Nurse Consultant

Name Position Phone
Debra Gowanlock-Highe Nurse Consultant 313-242-3532